Bruises and BBQ

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Bruises and BBQ

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Hey Rebels,


Good news! The Gold and Silver SIM trays, Scratches case, and Tempered Glass protectors are beginning to ship. Some of our team members have been testing the glass protectors for the past couple of weeks and they’ve performed beautifully.

Annnnnnnnd Bruises! We’re so happy that it’s been finalized and it’s sooo much better than the original design. It’s smooth with a similar soft texture to Bumps, but it totally encases Robin. The top and bottom parts that cover Robin are rubbery, and the middle is a harder plastic. It’s super light too and doesn’t add bulk to your device. Well, enough talk, here are some pics to show you!



These are expected to ship out near the end of the week, so we’re excited about that and can’t wait until we get them in your hands.


SXSW 2016

Just a small recap - Our team hung out for a little bit in Austin to meet friends and fans. On Friday, we had a pop-up shop at the We Works location in downtown. People came to check us out and participated in our Sheepstakes contest. Speaking of which, we featured Roshi, an artist who is a part of the SprATX collective. She and some of her friends painted sheep for our contest, and she joined us to paint a few more for the giveaway. It was awesome having her, and a lot of people loved her designs. Huge shout out to the We Works and Hardware House team for helping us and for putting on a great show.



Into 3D Printing? So are we.

Mike (not our CTO, but a bad ass engineer nonetheless) loves 3D printing stuff and has made a few things here at the office. If you’re interested in making a Nextbit coaster to hold your drinks, a 3D printed Robin, or a stand for your phone, you can view the files here.



Thanks so much for stickin’ with us Rebels, we appreciate your support and will continue to provide more updates as they come.