Damn, Nextbit. At it again.

Nextbit Employee Nextbit Employee

Damn, Nextbit. At it again.

Last year we said enough was enough. We didn’t see any innovation anymore. No one was solving the real problems people have now that everyone has a smartphone.


Most people run out of space on their phones and because they couldn’t or didn’t want to pay for additional storage. So we solved the problem by making the smartphone smarter instead of more expensive. We showed the industry you can launch a phone with a reasonable amount of flash and use the cloud to seamlessly augment that for near infinite storage. Since our launch, Google has been moving in the same direction with Google Photos, their new space creation dialog on Play Store installs, and to some degree Instant Apps. Even Apple has started to adopt similar methods, announcing a “store in iCloud” feature for macOS that works like smart storage. These are all steps in the right direction, but they still don’t work automatically behind the scenes like Nextbit OS does, - with true integration of phone and cloud.


We believe we are helping to push the industry forward, and it’s time to do the same thing again with the other big problem that nearly everyone experiences — battery life.


Because battery technology has improved slower than other technology, the industry has relied on more efficient processors and larger batteries (What do you think is under all those 5.5”+ screens?) to do their dirty work. These steps do give you more battery life, but the improvement is only incremental. Nextbit will solve this problem a new way - once again offering performance beyond just what the specs say.


We can apply the same intelligence we’ve used for smart storage towards making your battery last significantly longer. In Q4 we will launch a new version of Nextbit OS that gets to know your habits and optimizes functions at the system level to ensure you get the most screen time possible. Just like with smart storage, we can apply this on top of the features Google has implemented in Marshmallow and even on what has been announced for N, compounding the power savings to offer you true peace of mind.

Let’s save your battery before it needs saving. It’s time for a different approach. We can’t wait to share ours with you later this year.