Rebel, Know Thyself

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Rebel, Know Thyself

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Hi Rebels,


Recently we sent out surveys to many of you to learn more about who you are, what phones you’ve used and how you like your Robin and Nextbit. The Nextbit team was amazed that over 50% of you responded. But we probably shouldn’t have been so surprised, after all you’ve been so engaged with us since day 1 of our Kickstarter campaign. And just like we’ve always tried to do in return, we’re going to share some of what we learned about you and about how you use your Robin.


Some things we learned about you, we probably could have guessed. Like the majority of you are under 35, and that you REALLY, REALLY like Game of Thrones. But the fact that a over 20% of you were iPhone users previous to getting your Robin was a big surprise.


You really like the design of Robin, and the fingerprint sensor (that was a bit unexpected). And you wish battery life was better. Hopefully you caught our announcement about battery life being our next big focus area. This was a direct result of the feedback from the surveys - your near unanimous request for more battery life will be our next project.


This was an important announcement for us, as we wanted to let you know that we really are listening to you and taking feedback seriously.


We also have data, in a completely anonymous, aggregated manner, of how you have been utilizing the space on your Robins. We thought this was pretty interesting as well, and wanted to share that with you:





  1. Hello long tail


Rebels use more than 58,000 different applications (for purposes of this, we count all versions of an APK as one app, so these are more than 58,000 totally unique applications). Considering most of you have only had your phones for a couple of months and the number of unique apps is constantly growing, that was a higher number than we were expecting.


  1. Apps, Apps, Apps


On average, you each have about 55 applications on your phone, which so far utilizes about 7.5 gigabytes of your local storage (that means that on a 16GB phone, our average user would already be close to running out of available space just from apps!)


  1. Top Installed and Pinned Apps


There’s a strong correlation between the top installed apps for Robin and the top apps in the Play store. That should be no surprise. There’s also a strong correlation between the top installed apps and the top pinned apps. No surprise that many of these apps are very important to you. A few standout differences are that Google translate and Line are on the top pinned list but not the top installed list. This warms our hearts because it shows us that you guys really get pinning.


  1. Don't forget pictures!!


Users who have had their Robins since March are taking on average more than 23 photos per day. That is a lot of selfies. At this rate, you will take more than 8000 photos over the next year.


  1. Updates


We’ve been hard at work on new features for Robin and wanted to bring you an update to maximize your safety. Our October update keeps you current with Android security patches and includes fixes to address QuadRooter and related vulnerabilities.

The update also includes new versions of all the key Nextbit apps. You may not notice many changes until you try gallery where we’ve introduced photo editing. When you’re viewing a single image, tap the pencil icon to enter edit mode. You’ll be able to add a filter, crop, rotate, and even tune your pictures to bring them to life. Hooray!