Summer is heating up

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Summer is heating up

You know what’s hot this summer? Every part of the northern hemisphere except San Francisco. You know what else is hot? Bright red. It’s everywhere. Like a beach bonfire blazing on your shoes, your bag, your tops. And now, on your Robin. We’re introducing a limited “ember” colorway for summer. Ember has a neutral, deep-black back with bright red end caps that really pop.  Ember was produced in a limited quantity and is only available at* for $299. Get it now, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.


* Since our sales in India are only through Flipkart, we will sell a limited number of the ember Robin through them beginning next week.


August update


Keeping promises is hot too. When we launched Robin, we promised that we would support videos as well as photos in smart storage. Today our beta testers will receive a software update that adds video support. Just like with photos, old videos you took but don’t watch can be archived to create more space on your Robin. And just like with photos, when a video is archived, a thumbnail remains on your local camera roll so you’ll never forget it, even if you never watch it.


Beta testing is open to all Robin users. If you want to try out video support and aren’t already in the beta program, you can apply here to join. Once we are sure the update is rock solid, then we will roll it out to all Robin users.


The August update will also include Android’s extensive July security updates as well as improved thermal tuning to keep your Robin running cooler - timely for these hot summer days.


Expect to see an update dialog on your Robin soon, or today if you’re in our beta program.