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The holiday season is about to start, and today we’re giving our loyal rebels their first gift. Our dev team has been working late nights and we have a solid beta of Nougat for Robin. Many of you have already received the notification that an update is ready, since we wanted this gift to be special.


Nougat for Robin brings another surprise with it - more help from the community. When we say “our dev team,” that now includes members of Paranoid Android. We have joined forces to bring you a faster, less power-hungry OS. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together so far, and this cooperation will continue. Stay on the lookout - Robin is going to get even better. For more info, check out our blog post.


For those in the beta program, if you have not yet received your notification that an update is available, you should within the next 24 hours (but we know you’re already going to the System Update settings as you read this). If you are not in beta program, you can join at any time by filling out our simple online form.


Let your Holidays begin with some Nougat-y goodness!