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Web Client Beta

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for joining us on today's live streams! For those who couldn't make it, we revealed our new Web Client on Facebook Live and Periscope. Ravi, one of our amazing engineers, has been working hard on a way for our community to access all the pictures that they've taken on the web. When you log into the client and click on a picture, it zooms in and shows the picture's meta deta. In addition, you can select multiple pictures and download them to your computer if you want, or you can share them to your friends and family. It's a very clean and simple interface, and more features are being built in. 


We are really excited for this - the community has been asking for it, and we're bringing it to you! Very soon, we'll be inviting our Beta testers to try out the client and provide feedback. If you haven't signed up to check out the latest and greatest from the Nextbit team, you can do so today HERE


- Team Nextbit