What's new in March and April Updates

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What's new in March and April Updates

March Update


A small software update is out today with a single bug fix. If you’ve been having trouble with certain apps like Uber crashing, this addresses that issue.


April Update


Rebels, we promised you that a software update was coming. It’s almost here and we wanted to tell you what’s inside. This isn’t a change log or anything too nerdy, just a simple summary of what’s new and different.


Performance improvements

Some core work to the thermal tuning that improves the performance and efficiency of the Snapdragon processor. Better benchmarks and better battery life - have your cake and eat it too.


Marshmallow 6.0.1

There are a few small subtle changes that came with the first Marshmallow update, but the most noticeable change is emoji. Some of the old emoji have been changed so that they’re easier to recognize, and new ones have been added to include Unicode 7 and 8- which brings android inline with Twitter, iOS and other emoji platforms. As a Bay Area company, we are excited to finally get a taco, a burrito and a unicorn. Plus, there’s a new emoji keyboard that makes them easier to find.



We promised you we would make the camera faster and we meant it. In normal light the camera is twice as fast, and in low light it is SO MUCH FASTER -- it’s like night and day. (/Pats self on back for that pun.) We’ve had multiple engineers combing through the code for a month optimizing the living heck out of it, and honestly we couldn’t be prouder of the result. Plus we’ve made a few UI improvements, like keeping on screen navigation. And we’re not done yet - more Camera (and Gallery) changes are coming.



We love Robin’s front facing speakers, and we want to make them sound amazing. So we went back and did more work to tune the sound to the exact capabilities of our speakers and amps. Take a listen and you’ll immediately notice that Robin sounds clearer and better than it did before. It’s even a little louder.


Other improvements

Speakerphone is significantly improved. It’s louder and clearer, both on your Robin and for the other caller.

Also if you’ve had problems seeing Robin’s screen when you’re outside in very bright sunshine (hello Spring!), we’ve addressed that issue too. Just in time for Rebels in the northern hemisphere to hit the beaches.