Nextbit Scratches Cases : Do not buy!

Rebel 1.6

Nextbit Scratches Cases : Do not buy!

Using the scratches case for about a week now and not impressed at all.

Dropped my phone one time and there are cracks on the case now and one of the edges has chipped away.


I only thing I like about the case is how it fits the phone without adding any weight or bulk and doesn't affect the design factor of the phone.


I wasn't expecting much from this case from a protection standpoint but it is not durable and it might last me a month may be.  I guess the case being too thin comes at a price..

Rebel 2.8

Re: Nextbit Scratches Cases : Do not buy!

yeah thats the norm with those types of cases. previously had an iPhone with an elago case which is very similar and it didn't serve any purpose other than aesthetics. you may as well carry the phone without a cae at that point. i can attest like most others the tudia   case is quality stuff