A Day in the Life at Nextbit
Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee
‎08-11-2016 12:07 PM
‎08-11-2016 12:07 PM

A few of you asked me what it's like to work at Nextbit, and what my days are like. Let me give you a little timeline:


  • 7:00AM - My wife's alarm goes off and I nudge her a few times. I grab my phone and check my emails and hop on Twitter and Reddit
  • 8:00AM - I've made sure that Lola's (our cute little corgi)done her business and I'm out the door and ride my bike to the BART station. It's at this point where my day really begins because when I get to the train, I've probably already answered a few emails, or responded to new threads
  • 9:45AM - I've finally made it to the office after bobbing and weaving through traffic on my bike and park it in our server room. I think the one at the end is one of Alastair's collection




  • 10:00AM - I'm settled into the office and I load up my computer. This is my desk. I'm prepping devices to be sent out for events and retail stores. Sorry developers..I wish I had more to give you! 




  • 12:00-1:00PM - LUNCH TIME! Here at Nextbit, we have a kitchen full of goodies, and we have tasty lunches brought in. Today we had chicken and beef fajitas! (Sorry I forgot to take a picture here...I was so hungry I ate it all)
  • 1:45PM - Tarek and I need to head out to our retail stores to make sure everything is working properly


  • 2:00PM - The first place we stop at is Dijital Fix in the Mission. We have a kiosk there and just are making sure things are set up and operating properly. Here are a few pics from the store!




  • 2:30PM - Now we're heading over to Azalea to make sure everything is looking good before our event. Azalea is a really cool apparel shop with tons of accessories and we felt it was a great fit for us. (I spy a minty Robin sign)




  • 3:00PM - Alright, time for a coffee break! 



  • 3:30PM - Alrighty we're back in the offices and it's finally ime to hop onto the forums to check out what's going on. Check how many emails I get from all you lovely people!



  • 3:30PM - We had quite a few birthdays this month so we celebrated with a lot of sugary goodies (Cheesecake, It's-It's, red velvet cupcakes..and more)



  • 6:00 - I head back to out to Dijital Fix to get a problem straightened out with our display
  • 6:30 - Time to go home! WOo hoo!



  •  11:00PM - After a long a day at the office, dinner, and a couple episodes of Suits (BTW, it's a good show!), it's time for me to head back to the community, because you guys NEVER sleep..which means I never sleep...(just kidding, I sleep sometimes)



 Well, that's pretty much it! I love my job because I get teo interact with you guys. Interested in working at Nextbit? Let me know what other positions you're interested in and I can do another Day in the Life post. Til' next time Smiley Happy


Nextbit Product Expert Darragh
Nextbit Product Expert

Greta job @Khang! This was a very enjoyable read ;D

Nextbit Product Expert Paradox
Nextbit Product Expert

Thank you for sharing! It was a fun read Smiley Tongue And a kitchen full of goodies! YUM Smiley Very Happy

Rebel 3.2

@Khang, nice one...you made the daily routine look very interesting...Thanks for the screen grab with my thread in it...like it !













Nextbit Product Expert Baymax
Nextbit Product Expert

Hahaha that screen shot of the emails.

Rebel 2.8

wow. it is cool to see that there is still life after the launch of the smartphones. I truly hope that nextbit continues on its success.

I'll make sure to support you at 100%.