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Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee
‎06-29-2016 01:44 PM
‎06-29-2016 01:44 PM

I like Google Keep. It's simple and colorful. But I find that I forget my list and notes when they are buried within the app. I also don't use widgets very much because they clutter my homescreen, so I need a tool that helps me remember the things I've noted down and be in my face without being visually unappeaing. This is where Collateral comes in.


Free from the Play Store, Collateral also has a paid version ($1.99)that has increased functionality and ads removed. At its most basic, Collateral is like any other note-taking, list app. But the beauty is having the notification right in your shade, or at the top of the notification/status bar. This way, you'll always see it.




When opening up the app, you have main notes screen. At the bottom, you have three lists, Notes, Lists, and Active (which just means your active notes and lists). In most Material-designed apps, you have the Floating Action Button (FAB) that allows you to initiate a new activity; in this case - a new note. In the unpaid version, you can change the note color, Pin it, and give the note priority. In the paid version, you can add actions like launching an app, and setting reminders. But the thing that I like is that the note or list stays up at the notifcation bar and in the shade. That way I know I won't miss it.


To create a List/Note-ification (see what I did there?), it's really simple.

  • Swipe over to the Note or the List section
  • Tap on the FAB button to add a new item



Title your item and you can give it a description and even give it a different color to help you quickly distinguish your notes and lists. With the paid version, you can even give your lists different icons to further customize your experience. Once, you're done, you'll see the list or note icon at the top of your notifcation/status bar so although it's out of your face, you can still access and remember them easily.




Some of the extra stuff I like includes being able to customize the colors of the UI, and adding actions to the note. As you can see below, you can see my note when tapped can launch AirBnB.




There are a ton of note options that you can select from too! When creating the Item, you can add actions, pictures, or reminders:


Screenshot_20160628-165936.png Screenshot_20160629-131958.png


As you can see, you can make a phone call, insert a picture, launch a website and more, it's a really super useful function that the app has. 





Collateral, as you can see is a really really functional app that keeps your notes and lists front and center. Its something that I've found to be really useful and helps me stay on top of my to-do's.


Download Collateral from the Google Play Store today!

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Thanks @Khang

Great review😁

always looking for a great note taking, to do list app.

Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee

@Mat_tyC - Thanks! I like it a lot and will probably keep on using it. The $1.99 PRO version is really worth it.

Nextbit Product Expert Baymax
Nextbit Product Expert

It would be really cool of this could be used on a social level. Like family-wise. My family uses Cozi, and Collateral is just so much nicer. @Khang


Great review btw Robot Very Happy

Rebel on the Rise boundless_light
Rebel on the Rise

@Khang Thanks for the review.


I'll download free version Collateral to give it a shot.

The UI looks simple and nice. 

Rebel on the Rise Chacko1
Rebel on the Rise

Awesome review @Khang! Definitely will check the app out!

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I agree with @Baymax, one of the features I love about Cozi, Google Keep and Wunderlist, is the ability to share lists and collaborate with family, friends and colleagues, but I'll definitely be trying this one too!