Community Highlight: Photo Contest Winners!
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‎07-07-2016 01:41 PM
‎07-07-2016 01:41 PM

We recently held our first Photo Contest that asked people to submit photos with the subject: Cloud. The number of responses we got jsut blew us away, but unfortunately, we could only pick three winners. Here were they were.



#RobinCam Photo taken at Nelson Bay, Australia by dsmith6182#RobinCam Photo taken at Nelson Bay, Australia by dsmith6182One Cloud ☁ #RobinCam  by JAI (Mardin, Turkey)One Cloud ☁ #RobinCam by JAI (Mardin, Turkey)#RobinCam by ivory (Vancouver, BC)#RobinCam by ivory (Vancouver, BC)

Amazing, huh? We always knew our communtiy had a ton of talent, but let's meet the people behind these gorgeous pictures!



20160118_174005 copy.jpg 


Our first winner is Damon from Wagga Wagga, Australia! Aside from hanging with us in the community, he enjoys playing with his kids, keeping up to date with the latest tech, hanging out with friends over a BBQ and Beer. His picture featured Nelson Bay, Australia (one of his family's favourite holiday places they'd been going to for years). They had just arrived after a 8 hour drive and the kids were desperate to go down to the water. Damon's eldest son jumped into the water and he just noticed the horizon looked fantastic.  He said, "I thought this would be a great test of the Robin camera to see how it captured the moment. I wasn't disappointed."

Acccording to Damon, "The latest update has really made the camera a great feature. Also love that Android has barely been touched (sticking mostly with Google's vision - I am a big Nexus fan, so I would only jump to a different phone if it shared some of the same elements of a Nexus). Backup of apps and photos is great (Just need a way to be able to access this cloud storage directly). Love the design of the phone. Just stands out from the crowd. I have had heaps of people asking what phone I have."




Above is our second winner, Jai, who is from Mumbai. He loves to play football, cricket and watches lots of TV shows like Flash and Arrow. He also finished first season of Supergirl along with Breaking Bad, and Daredevil (some of my favorites). When asked about the photo he took: "The photo was taken in Turkey at Mardin and I not only take pictures of clouds, but take lot of other photos too. You can check out my Instagram account jai_patel_02."


What he loves about his Robin: Nextbit Robin has One Big X Factor: its Cloud Storage. I like the features like pinning and unpinning the apps you want and you don't want in addition to the simplicity of the OS.




Austin was our third winner, and this is what he had to say:


My name is Austin Chan and I am from Vancouver, BC. I have a lot of hobbies but i do enjoy taking photos the most. The photo I submitted is one of the few I took with my Robin instead of my DSLR. I was walking to a theatre in downtown when i looked up and saw a nice blue sky and thought it was a nice shot. I didnt have my camera on me so I just took out my phone and snapped a quick photo.

According to him, "One of my favourite features about the Nextbit Robin is that it just stands out. It's not like every phone on the market and I was smitten by the design language. I also enjoy being able to use my phone without worrying about storage." (Me too!)



I'd like to thank our winners for participating in the contest and hanging with us! Keep it up guys! Heads up, we've got another contest coming up! Stay tuned everyone because this is a giveaway you WON'T want to miss!



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Always great stuff to read here and thanks for showing "behind the scenes" about this contest.

Hope to have more soon! 

...yes, I really liked that one for ringtones, it's not directly conected to the phone, but maybe some members here have some tunes that match with Robin.

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We like contests and look forward for more contests and fun.


Smiley Happy



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YAY! Congrats you guys and great work everyone else who submitted too! ^_^ I love hearing what inspired shots, the people behind the shots and their though processes (they whys.. yes i was that kid which started and ended every conversation with why why why Smiley Tongue)



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Dear Admin I am also a big Fan Follower & Lover of Nextbit Robin wishing to win win a Robin for myself I also posted many photos on Community, taken from Delhi Fan Meet at Getafix on 3rd August 2016...........