My experience with Robin while traveling in Madrid and Barcelona
Nextbit Employee Khang
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‎06-16-2016 11:50 AM
‎06-16-2016 11:50 AM

Last week, I was on my honeymoon (WOOOT!) in Spain. I've always wanted to go, and it was even better than I thought it would be. Initially, I thought maybe I wouldn't bring my Robin - I'd cry if I lost it, but I'm so glad I did! I was able to take really great video and pictures, and some key apps I used while traveling made my trip an incredible experience.


First of all, Robin makes a great travel partner because it's an unlocked device. When we got to Madrid, I was able to go to a local Orange shop and bought a prepaid card for a few Euros. I thankfully passed with what little Spanish I knew, but as soon as I popped in the SIM, I was ready to roll. Secondly, the camera was solid the entire trip. Images had good color reproduction and contrast, and was rarely over-exposed. Third, despite taking pictures pretty much everywhere I went, my battery would last from about 7AM to about 5PM with room to spare. At that time, I'd be napping at the hotel and the battery would build up charge quickly for a second-outing of tapas and sangria. YUM!


Here are some pictures from the trip:




Getting around without speaking much Spanish wasn't too bad, but thankfully I had some apps to help me out. Here were 3 KEY apps that I needed to get around in Spain:


Google Translate

This was so helpful because I chose to learn Japanese in highschool (read: My Español is ****). So I prepped myself with English phrases like: 'Where can I find...?', or 'I'd like to have...' That helped me order my chocolate con churros, and langostino al a plancha (YUM!) relatively easily. Although this didn't work as well as I had hoped, using the camera function where it could translate text in real-time was cool when we went to museums. Typically, you'll find placards with lots of text, so this helped me get a basic understanding of what was being presented. One great thing is to be able to download the translations from English to Spanish so you have offline capabilities as well.




Google Trips

Though not available on the Play Store, Google Trips was like having a mini Rick Steve's guide on my phone! For this trip, I could download Things to do, Restaurants, and save these offline. It was a great tool to find well-known places to get my tourist on, but it had a lot of information just in case I got into trouble. What's also cool is that it'll pull up your reservations and flight info from Gmail, or Inbox, so it's all right there in one spot.




VLC Media Player

This is easily one of the most useful apps when you're on a 13+ hour flight. I loaded up some movies and it easily got me through the sleepless hours. In this example, you can see the different functions and controls it offers. VLC plays almost all video file types, so just load 'em up and play!




Again, despite taking a ton of pictures during the day, my battery life was pretty good! I would wake up at 7AM for the hotel breakfast, unplug my phone, and I'd be down to about 30% around 5PM. Unfortunately, it slipped my mind to take screenshots of the Screen On Time and Battery Stats, but anecdotally, I never had any issues running out of juice. Even better is that before we would head out at night, I'd plug the phone into the charger and the quick charging would bring it up to 75-80%, plenty of battery for me to take more pictures and some video until midnight and beyond.


Overall, Robin was a great phone to bring along with me to Spain. The apps I used were really helpful too and I'd highly recommend that you try them if you're traveling to another country. Google has a long way to go to get the translations perfect, but it's well on its way to having great apps for the jet-setter. Any recommendations where I should go to next? What apps would YOU recommend for those who are on vacation in a foreign country?






Rebel on the Rise Chacko1
Rebel on the Rise

Awesome stuff @Khang! I've always wanted to go to Spain, never had the opportunity Smiley Sad. Congrats on the honeymoon!


FYI- I'm still cracking up over that google translate Smiley LOL

Rebel 3.2

Congratulations @Khang!


I would like to give this thread a twist:

I would recommend NOT bringing a phone at all when going overseas.


Don't be shocked okay, but I feel that since you're going overseas, don't let your phone become a distraction (especially since Robin is apparently prone to being stolen). Let this be a chance to live life and embrace the world. Don't restrict the beauty of our world to what is only Snapchat-worthy. Smiley Happy

Rebel 1.8

Awesome pics and congrats! 

Nextbit Product Expert Darragh
Nextbit Product Expert

Spain really is beautiful! I've been there are couple of times. Love it! Also just downloaded Google trips. This should come in useful. Thanks for the recommendation !

Rebel on the Rise kikemtz
Rebel on the Rise

Glad you had fun in Spain, those were some great pictures man. 

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I've had a great time with my Robin abroad; I've been traveling through Costa Rica, Peru, and Argentina for the past few weeks. The only issue I've had (albeit only initially) was with automatic APN switching. While I think the APN issues may be more related to the T-Mobile bloatware not being installed on my device than an issue with the device itself, I had to follow this support wiki to get international data to work as expected: [ ] once the international APN was setup and in service everything has worked amazingly well.


/me love my Robin

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Soooooooooooooo cool you came to Barcelona! And congratulations, by the way! Hope you had fun! 

Rebel 3.2

Nice article @Khang !

Rebel 2.8

That's so cool. I'm proud of you Rebel. I did the same. My next trip will have me strolling and walking and negotiating in Dubai.


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Wow ,so amazing ,I like it so much.