Nextbit turns four, and other things
Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee
‎10-06-2016 07:29 AM
‎10-06-2016 07:29 AM

Being a part of a young company is so exciting. There's a tangible energy surrounding the team and it is infectious. And this year, Nextbit celebrates it's fourth anniversary! That day was pretty exciting as you can tell from our video below:



Here are some pictures too!


Ravi and Sarah!Ravi and Sarah!

Palwasha and Tarek never smile...just kidding! These two are a riot!Palwasha and Tarek never smile...just kidding! These two are a riot!

When Tom and Mike started Nextbit, they had a real vision of the smartphone experience. As I look back over the past several months, it's crazy to see how far this company has come on such a tight timeline and limited resources. Sometimes, I think people can forget that we have just a handful of engineers (compared to other phone makers that have hundreds of people in their engineering and development departments) and it is amazing to see what they've accomplished. Cheers to our team!


Speaking of which, there's other stuff to celebrate too! Our latest update includes the security patches and gallery functionality you all have been desperately waiting for. We've got bug fixes and general battery and performance enhancements and I'm excited for you all to try them out. One of my favorite subtle features is the Reboot option when turning off your phone...SO USEFUL!


Check out the example of our picture-editing features:




As you can see, you'll be able to add filters, crop and rotate your photos, or even tweak it a little bit with added contrast. I know you guys have been waiting for these features for a while, so try them out and enjoy! 



Nextbit Product Expert david
Nextbit Product Expert

Congrats to all the team and specially to Tom and Mike! Take a look at what you have done guys! Well done! Smiley Very Happy



Rebel on the Rise _New_To_Android
Rebel on the Rise

The new update is showing tangible improvements. I got 5 hours of SOT yesterday! Very happy to see this. That is more SOT than my previous iPhone 6!

Nextbit Product Expert Darragh
Nextbit Product Expert

Loving the update! Happy birthday nextbit 🔥🔥🎂🎂

Rebel on the Rise boundless_light
Rebel on the Rise

Happy anniversary to the Nextbit team. Cheers! 


Timely update with the change information! Smiley Happy

Rebel 3.0

Happy Birthday party Hard And Work Harder For Robin 2 😂😂

Rebel 3.2

Happy 4 year anniversary, Nextbit! I'm sure it has been a great long journey with more chapters to come! And I'm estatic to be a part of this wonderful community. Cheers!

Rebel 2.8

Happy Anniversary to you all! You're an amazing team and the journey seems like it has been well worth it. Looking forward to the future of Robin. Rebel on!

Nextbit Product Expert Paradox
Nextbit Product Expert

Happy Birthday Nextbit! 





Rebel 3.0

Impressive what you guys have done in 4 years with a small team and keeping up with your promises and transparency to your consumers!