Today, we're celebrating the women on our team!
Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee
‎03-08-2017 03:12 PM
‎03-08-2017 03:12 PM

A little over a year ago when I joined Nextbit, I remember everyone being so welcoming and supportive (they still are). I knew I was at the right place. It was a whirlwind of activity, and I had barely landed on my feet before I began taking on different projects. I had never moved that quickly before, and it was really refreshing coming from a large, global company. However, I couldn’t have done any of the things I accomplished on my own - I have a few ladies that I need to thank for helping me keep my head above the water.




Anita is a super-talented Product Manager with a ton of experience at both Google and Motorola where she worked on exciting projects involving Android. Surprisingly, she was on the team while Tom and Mike were also there and helped to launch Android Market, now Google Play, and Nexus One.


In addition to her many tasks, and making Robin as awesome as possible, she built up our Customer Service team and Beta Program. She takes all the feedback from our customers and does everything she can, with the help of our engineers, to address those issues as quickly as possible. Seriously, Nougat is nearly here...stop badgering her! About being a woman in tech: “Things have changed. It seems like now there is a real focus on getting more women in tech, and it’s great. I’ve been really lucky during my time that I haven’t really felt that I stood out, though sometimes I feel like I need to work just a little bit harder to be heard. I’m glad more women are supporting each other, like at the networking events, but there’s still plenty more to do.”


 Anita and Nina discussing next steps for RobinAnita and Nina discussing next steps for Robin



Nina, a mother of two awesome girls, is one of our QA testers and is constantly testing newer builds at what seems like an impossible pace. So the bugs that everyone files, she gets to take a look and try to reproduce it and log it. Prior to Nextbit, she was at Motorola, AOL, and Netscape where she worked on a variety of projects including an app called Connect to help manage Motorola peripherals, like the Moto360, and other programs to ensure good customer experiences.


Nina has a very calming demeanor, which has helped to keep me balanced as well. I’ve always appreciated her thoughtfulness, admired her dedication to both her work and kids, and enjoyed the times she would bring in Girl Scout cookies…(I do realize now they are NOT called Samosas). Nina said she’s excited about Razer. “I am looking forward to working on a team to deliver fun and meaningful experiences to users.  Also, it’s great knowing that my input can help shape the end result.”




While at Nextbit, Eula was our Office Manager has now transitioned to a Human Resources role at Razer. Back then, Trenton drew a picture of Eula as a superhero - cape and all. It was really fitting for her as she was doing A TON of things to keep the company running.


She also put together a lot of the birthdays and events that we would enjoy - and it wasn’t just scheduling, it was designing, arranging, coordinating, and required a bunch of physical labor. She really is a superhero (whose many super powers include baking delicious goodies), and I owe her a lot for making my life at Nextbit and Razer such a good one. About the transition to Razer, she said, “I’m really happy that I get to grow my career here along with my friends at Nextbit. As much as I was doing there, I’m excited to be learning new things and help make Razer the best it can be.”




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I remember coming into Nextbit slightly intimidated. I didn’t know who I would make friends with, and didn’t know where I would fit in. Palwasha was one of the first to offer a helping hand and made sure I wasn’t lost in the storm. It’s something I won’t forget because it was a great example of how everyone treated each other, and set the tone for my whole experience with the team when I joined. At Razer, she’s continuing to work on product marketing and digital marketing, as well as being the punniest one of our group. For Palwasha, the transition to Razer has been eye-opening. She said, “The best part of the Razer transition has been getting to know the company more. I didn't know a lot about the brand or the people behind the brand before we joined. Everyone has been amazing and welcoming. It's also been really great to get more perspective on how their marketing team functions globally and add that to my learnings at Nextbit.”


About being a woman in tech, “I would say that it's been really inspiring to be around the women that I've met in tech networking events in SF. Even though there's still a lot of work to be done around representation and awareness, it has been great to be able to see strong women be able succeed and get things done on a large scale - especially now that we're at a bigger company, at Razer.”






Sarah was one of the two Zen-divas at Nextbit (sorry, inside joke). In her former life, she was a bartender, but found that working as a technical recruiter was her calling. While at Nextbit, she also managed our customer service team, helped to define lots of processes and workflows, and was very involved behind the scenes to help customers. Sarah trained me to handle many of the customer service processes when she had to go back to recruiting, and I’m so thankful for her patience and tutelage. She’s a rockstar for sure, and it’s not only because she loves my corgi. Sarah had this to say about Razer, “I’m stoked for the opportunity to dig into recruiting at a bigger company, working with different hiring managers, and building processes from the ground up. It’s exciting. I get to spend more time with engineers, and if it wasn’t for Razer, I probably wouldn’t be so into League of Legends. So yeah, you could say Razer inspired me to be a gamer!”







Kathy has been instrumental in getting Nextbit up and running from a operations and supply chain perspective. She’s constantly talking to our manufacturers, Fedex, UPS, and USPS, to figure out the best ways to get you guys your phones. Some things were out of her hand of course, (she’s now working really hard on getting more replacement units), but she’s the one person who has been packing and shipping all of the phones for you guys.


She, Sarah, and I have been working together for the past few months for a lot of the customer service-related things at Nextbit, and she’s has a really great process in place now at Razer to smooth things out and be more efficient for our customers. She’s literally a one-woman army, so I’m just amazed by her work-ethic and energy to do everything she can to help everyone. She said, “Now, I get to work with a larger team at Razer, and learn how they do things in their supply chain. I’m really excited to work with everyone and learn from them. I hope I can help contribute to Razer’s success!”




Aanchal, one of the architects behind our Smart Storage software, is obviously one of the key people at Nextbit. She’s constantly monitoring and gathering usage data from our servers and is doing her best to make sure your experience archiving and restoring is as fast and smooth as possible. Before Nextbit, she was at a Mixbit (lol), and was on the server-side of things, building teams and projects from the ground up. She’s doing the same at Razer now, and is “excited to be contributing to develop the team here and bringing great products to people. I love building products and teams, so I’m glad I get to continue doing that.”



She still is scared of four-legged animals though, but we’re working on that.


These amazing women continue to make our team better, and they work their hardest to provide the best experience possible for you. Cheers to them, and women across the world!



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Thanks to all of you for making a great phone. I for one am very impressed by all your hard work and dedication all of you put into the phone and customer service. Thank you Thank you