We're at #IO2016! Well, SOME of us...
Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee
‎05-18-2016 02:02 PM
‎05-18-2016 02:02 PM

Every year, I look forward to Google I/O and get really excited to see what big G has in store. Not that I’ve ever been to one, but does anyone remember a couple of years ago when they had that huge Rube Goldberg machine? And last year they had this amazing industrial countdown that was straight out of a Pixar adventure? I love hearing about the technology that the brightest minds in the world are working on and always want to hear what’s happening in Android.


Ten of us from Team Nextbit are attending Google I/O. The rest of us have watched the keynote from the office and wanted to highlight some things we thought were interesting:




Google Assistant - Eric and I liked this a lot. Personally, the idea of having contextual responses from Google was incredible to me. Being able to ask Google for movies, and order tickets in a seamless and unique way is definitely the future for Android and really challenges Siri and other voice assistant apps to be better. 


Instant Apps.jpg


Instant Apps - Steve and Aaron really liked this. According to Aaron, "Their super early version back in November inspired my Hackathon project. It's great to see them make even more advances."


Machine Learning and AI - Eula commented on the AlphaGo Go games: "The games were fascinating to watch...I wasn't interested in Go until then." It is amazing some of the things that will be possible in the near future with advances in AI and Machine learning. I would like to see more focus on the benefits to education, and healthcare, but this is a great start from Google!


One of the things that we weren't a fan of was namely the fact that Allo (though cool in it's own right with contextual responses) is one of Google's numerous other conversation services (Hangouts, Messenger, Messaging, Duo)...it's really crazy that we don't have a unified, consolidated app for this yet. To me, the system looks like it hasn't matured, and it'll be at least another year before we see anything refined and polished.


Anyway, I'm sure the team there at I/O down in Mountain View is going to learn a lot over the next couple of days. I can't wait to hear some of the developments that we can implement into Robin! And, to celebrate the spirit of Google I/O, we’ve got a little contest for you all.


Google I/O/U Contest - Winners have been chosen and contacted!

Look at all the moolah!Look at all the moolah!

Contest Details

  • Contest begins 5/18 and ends 5/22 at 11:59 PM PT


How to Enter 

  • In the comments section below, take one of Google’s announcements from I/O 2016 and describe how you think Nextbit could take advantage of it
  • Click the link: Google I/O/U Contest for more ways to gain entries and increase your chances of winning!



  • Three winners will each receive one (1) $15 Google Play code to redeem for apps and entertainment in the Google Play Store
  • Winners will be announced here on 5/23 at 5:00PM PT 



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Rebel on the Rise Chacko1
Rebel on the Rise

Woo hoo contests! My favorite feature is the Google Assistant! It will compete with AI bots and would definitely come in handy. AI should be a staple of tech in the future, it's so cool and handy! Maybe Nextbit will release their own AI 😉😉?😂. Maybe Nextbit may be able to implement such AI into other areas of the OS?

Nextbit Product Expert david
Nextbit Product Expert

My favourite feature announced today was Android Instant Apps, and I think an implementation of that in the Smart Storage from Nextbit would be amazing. Just saying Smiley Wink 



Rebel 2.8

I think Google Assistant would be able to combine Nextbit OS with Google Assistant. The Smart Storage would be able to be controlled by your voice and not only just settings. 

Rebel 2.8

I liked hearing about Daydream the best. Then you guys can make a VR game with players throwing their apps into the clouds and then the app actually gets put up there. Smiley Tongue

Rebel 3.2

Here's something y'all can outdo, and it requires no effort:

Confirm Robin will get Android N through Twitter.


How can Nextbit take 'advantage' of this? Well, as you know only Google and HTC has confirmed N, so by adding Nextbit to this list, it will not only make all users here happy, it WILL boost sales too.


Why Twitter? You don't have to fork out money to advertise + given that y'all have a lot of followers already, all the media networks like Verge will spread the news for y'all too. (increased media coverage yes!)


Why not Facebook? Retweeting is faster and easier. Smiley Very Happy

Rebel 2.6

I have to agree that the Google Assistant will be the best feature for the Robin to take advantage of it. Think about it. Robin practically already has unlimited storage, a great user interface, smart storage, a good camera, a battery friendly processor, and add in a smart Assistant similar to Siri and you've got yourself one of the best Android phones on the market. I believe if this feature is added, along with timely updates this phone could quickly gain support and finally be making a huge profit as long as devs support this phone as well because I think that is a key to keeping this device afloat. 

Rebel on the Rise boundless_light
Rebel on the Rise

With Google Assistant, we can interact with a smarter Robin and complete tasks hands free.



Rebel 3.2
NextBit should do a watch in the future, add your distinctive design flare to it. I've been waiting patiently for a awesome smart watch to get on board the wearables market. Nothing has sold me yet, maybe NextBit can do it. Midnight watch with Mint buttons Smiley Tongue
Rebel 3.0

Google Assistant! Then you'll actually be able to talk to Robin. And it's a much needed replacement to the terrible Google Now.

Rebel 2.6
I think nextbit can use to incorporate from one of Google's announcement is incorporating the smart storage with messaging (Allo and Duo). The smart storage already does pictures and apps. But people want to back up their messages too but natively as well instead of going to a third party app right? That'd be awesome if you guys could do that ^^
Rebel 2.8

Using Google Assistant to control settings on the Robin would be cool.  Turn on/off airplane mode/wifi/bt etc, check cloud storage space and pin apps.

Rebel 3.0

The Google Assistant and their home device was really impressive. 


Also using apps without being installed was awesome. 


One thing I observed that I found interesting was that all the women presenters seemed much more at ease on stage and their presentations seemed less forced as opposed to most of the men. 


As far as the Robin I think just getting N on our awesome devices and just all the improvements would make the very stylish designed outside even more wonderful inside. 

Rebel 1.8

I would like to see Allo as the default messenger app for Robin. 

Rebel 2.6

Daydream sounds great. If you could confirm that your handsets are compaitble with Google's new take on VR, it would make the Robin all the more desirable.

Rebel 2.8

IMO the biggest problem w/ the Android ecosystem that they're trying to fix in Android n is security updates, and on the fly updating. Nextbit could take advantage of this updating to fix small portions of your OS from community feedback and be 1 up on the other OEMs. Being known as early adopters of N and fast mobile editors. I think you'll be known as the OEM of the people!

Rebel 1.6

Nextbit can make use of Google bot, so that Robin can intelligently work with could and improve!ore I'm coming days!

Rebel 2.8

One of the Google I/O announcements Nextbit can take advantage, for Robin is instant apps. Enter the URL in the browser and the tiny piece of the app can be pulled into the screen. But it's pulling it from the cloud. Basically the same functionality but for your archived apps. 


 Don't have to download the app from the cloud.



Rebel 3.6

make the 4 led lights match the 4 google colors blue, yellow, red, green, be able to change colors i mean, and then when the new google stuff runs, some of it anyhow, make the light show go.

Rebel 3.6

Add some kind of ARA thing, I like this a lot, a barcode type scanner especially, or some kind of detachable interchangable devices.... I like these a lot, external addons kind of, not like a mem card since that is different because you want to store things away, but some other fun things like the LEDs in a pop off/on panel with colors and vertical/horz design, or stuff like that. I guess Android will need to be able to read these new sensors on this cool ARA thing. I think this will be a new wave or a fad for awhile.... people went back to records some, people are opening book stores again, they like something they can put 5 on.... which is hard with 1's and 0's. Soon they might have external analog clocks attached to their digital phone!  A real bell, like an old school phone would be cool too Smiley Wink.


Rebel 1.0

Google Allo seems to be an interesting messaging app and could be integrated to the Nextbit Robin as one of the default messaging app as it seems to be able to replace some people's messaging app (e.g. some use Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Whatsapp, etc.)

Rebel 2.6

I think taking advantage of the new Instant Apps in N would really fit in well with Robin's cloud offering. Rather than uploading/downloading entire apps, either rework the system to not require anything to be installed (I'm guessing the Activities would be cached to save on data?) or still do the full install but then after it's been idle long enough to get "clouded", instead of pulling the whole app, just pull the main Activity stub...? Something like that! Robot LOL

Rebel 3.0

Google assistance 

Rebel 3.2

Daydream VR needs the device to meet certain requirements.

With the power of cloud computing and virtualization, imagine not having to wait for Robin's successor but just utilize a VM (virtual machine) hosted at Nextbit HQ pumping out graphics based on superior hardware and streaming it to Robin. 


Sure, it is not possible at present due to network bandwidth limits and more, but internet is improving at an astonishing rate and I'm sure one day, this will be possible!

Rebel on the Rise ellectriknight
Rebel on the Rise

I'm not sure if it's relevant, it's probably an idea that doesn't make any sense. I have been thinking over this for some days. But the only things from the Google I/O that I think fits for the Robin, like many people have stated, is Instant Apps. Robin is all about expanding your storage, and while doing so, not using a lot of data because not everyone has an unlimited data plan. So with this idea it's kind of a fuse of Google Photos and Instant Apps. I was thinking of having the Robin having links to every bit of content in the Robin's cloud system for each user, like if you use Google photos and you want to share a photo, it will give you a designated link to view that photo and send to friends/family/etc. I have used this before with files that are too big and I don't want to go through having to take so long to download (not as long) And then send to someone (upload). This is mainly with videos. So I was thinking of something that gives you link to certain content, and let's you use some of the features that are the most relevant that you need (apps), and links to your media (photos and videos) for users to send to other users. When you go preview the content to see what you want to select, it's in a smaller size for the thumbnails (like the Robin's pics are on the phone than in the Robin storage online), consuming less data to view. This way no one has to redownload large files, they can just send the link to a friend and have them view it via the link, that way it's faster and uses less data. The picture/video that the person views would be mobile size as well and not a massive full HD resolution or something.


Then again with this idea the Robin smart storage app would have to be a full-fledge app that allows you to view your media, hence Instant "App."



The only thing is the other user would have to use their data plan to view the content, so I'm still unsure of it. 

Rebel 2.8

If I had to pick one, it would Machine Learning and AI. 

I see this as improving the cloud storage system for Nextbit. Nexbit could not only upload apps when they are no longer needed but pull certain ones down based on calendar events. For example, an airline ticket app is stored in the cloud. On the day of travel, Robin could pull the app from the cloud and have it on the home screen ready to go instead of the user needing to pull it on their own. 

Rebel 3.6

make sure by voice activation google assistant or something that we can retrive the app from the cloud by voice if we cannot already, SAY RUN such and such an app.