We've got some exciting news!
Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee
‎01-30-2017 03:00 PM
‎01-30-2017 03:00 PM

Hey everyone,


It’s been a while, but we’ve had a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes these past couple of months. Finally, we can talk about it! The Nextbit team is joining the Razer family. Take a deep breath, because this is awesome news. For weeks, I’ve wanted to get this off my chest to tell you guys because this means we can do a lot more as a community, and have the backing of a well-known global company.


Tom, Mike, and Scott are really excited about what this means for Nextbit and our future. If you want to hear what Tom had to say, check out the announcement HERE. Right now, we’re focused on Robin and continuing the support we promised everyone since the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign.


Personally, I think this is a great fit for us as a team. Many of us are gamers and we even hung out at a League of Legends tournament at the Razer Store in SF a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a picture that we took of Mike as he was watching some noobs get wrecked -- yeah it was us.


IMG_20170115_203241_434 (1).jpg


You might be wondering, what does this mean for Robin? What does this mean for the community? There’s nothing to worry about. Again, the team is still committed to bringing everyone the best experience possible on Robin. So we’ll be looking to continue to develop in sync with new Android OS updates and security patches. Wooot!


For the community, we’ve all been a part of an amazing thing here. Looking back, I’m so proud of what we all built together. For the time being, we will continue to operate here in the Nextbit forums. If you own some Razer gear, be sure to check out their community. [Razer Insider]

We’re excited to join Razer, and you should be too. Thanks for always sticking by us - 2017 is going to be awesome.


Much love from us at Team Nextbit (Razer),


Rebel on the Rise Chacko1
Rebel on the Rise

Wow, crazy news! So excited to see what's in store for the future!



Rebel 3.0

This was definitely very unexpected, but quite an interesting turn of events nonetheless.

I really hope this doesn't mean you will be killed off in a few years or something as I'd love to see a Robin 2. I suppose future phones will bear the Razer brand though - perhaps we can get some of that Chroma lighting on the notification and cloud leds. Smiley Tongue


Whatever happens, good luck to you all - it has been a greet journey so far, and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for Nextbit (Razer).

Nextbit Product Expert david
Nextbit Product Expert

Congrats and good luck to the team!



Nextbit Product Expert Darragh
Nextbit Product Expert

Awesome news! Looking forward to what's coming down the pipeline!

Rebel 3.2

That's really great news for all! Bigger organisation = Greater power!!!



However, let's hope NB stays true to its roots - don't get bogged down by red tape & don't become so big a company that you alienate your fans (ahem insert mobile company here)

Rebel 2.8

Congratulations, hope to see a Robin 2!

Rebel 3.2
How exciting!
Rebel 2.6

I hope that you are kidding with this 6 months warranty, cause you NEED to fulfill one year warranty. Btw im returning my robin to amazon and belive me you will get negative feedback from me on every forum i'm registrated cause of this action Smiley Happy Not because of robin, its beautiful phone and work flawlesly, but because you "sold" yourself to razer, biggest cr** in gaming peripherals and after all of that you want to make us sheep with that nonsense with one y supp, 6 month warranty ? Not for me , "REBELS"... 


EDIT: typo

Rebel 3.0

Ok, so what does this mean for the Robin? What does this acquisition entail? Will the Robin and possibly future phones be compatible or something with Razer accessories? 

Rebel 3.2

I thought something was up since I have been getting stalled on getting a replacement and them wanting the damaged phone back first.... Too bad thats why all that signed up for beta testing recently have been "lost" "ignored" or just forgotten.. I will not trust another startup company... thanks for nothing Nextbit.....

Rebel 3.6

Apophenia kicked in. The featured image makes sense.

End Robin.


Rebel 2.8
Does this mean my one year warranty will not be honoured if I bought a Robin December of 2016? And it will only last 6 months from now? Disappointed.
Rebel 3.2

Don't believe that any acquisition would make things better. Remember what happened to Nokia phones after Microsoft acquisition?

What happened to Motorola after Lenovo acquisition?

Rebel 1.4

Can you hint towards a release of the new phone? good thing i read this i was about to buy the original Robin, but now i will wait and i even more pumped then i was before!!

Rebel 3.2

Please, Razer is a Total "PC Gaming" Company does not matter the Robin is DEAD......

Rebel 3.2



I thanks to all team ( Khang, Kay,...) and great community! 

Same time I hope to see promised updates and hopefully new phone from new relationship with same high aesthetic standards and more mature quality.


You did really great job with Robin. I really hope for team to keep up work in this industry.


Community here was always very supportive yet sometimes critical. 


And finally Razer will have to make every effort to keep this community alive and supportive because customer loyalty doesn't fall from the sky. We are customers of the phone...really nice phone, and expecting our loyalty to extend to other products just because... would be too optimistic.

Rebel 3.2

Congrats Nextbit !


Excited and eagerly waiting for new annoucements from this Joint Family !

Rebel 3.2

Not sure why some folks are unhappy about this but man, this is some badass news! Smiley Very Happy

Can't wait to see what this amalgamation brings to life!

Rebel 2.8

 Congrats!! Can't wait to see what you guys do with each other! Smiley Very Happy

Maybe a Nextbit Robin X with Chroma? Smiley Happy

Rebel 2.8

Thanks for a great ride ... fantastic product, excellent support, great community. I sincerely hope that Razer can see the value in what you have achieved and build on what you have done. However this is about business and money, so what we see as value as consumers is not always understood when a company is acquired. Good luck for the future ... personally I can't see how Nextbit will fit into Razer but I guess someone has a plan!

Rebel 2.8

Hello Rebels,

It's another chapter in your journey. I like Razer products. 

I truly hope they will not kill your brand and then allocate your resources to something other than a phone.