What's on my Robin? Khanger Edition.
Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee
‎06-01-2016 03:42 PM
‎06-01-2016 03:42 PM

I've said it before - the beauty of Android is the ability to customize your phone any way you want to. My preference is to keep it as minimal as possible. I don't like cluttered homescreens; it's what I'm used to, and I actually want to see my wallpaper!


Instead of showing you screenshots, I wanted to show a video of how I use my phone. 



As you can see, I keep my Robin clean. The wallpaper is from the latest Android N preview which actually looks nice with my Electric Robin and probably would look hot on Mint too.


Launcher: Like Alastair, I use Nova Launcher. Now why would I do that? Because I enjoy using gestures, and icon packs. With gestures, I only use two. The first gesture I use is a swipe up on the homescreen that brings up the app drawer. The 2nd gesture, double-tap, launches Voice Search. That's it!


Icon Pack: One thing I look for in an icon pack is how consistent the icons look across the board, and how many apps are supported. Right now, and it's been my favorite for a while is Alos. It has a flat Material look, and also has icon masking so if there's an app that isn't supported, then it will mask it and give it a border that is in the same shape as the others.


My top 3 apps: The apps that I can't live without: Relay Pro, because I'm always looking for new GIFs, and Android News. I love how you can customize the appearance and functionality of the app. ELI5 and OutOfTheLoop, anyone? My next favorite app is Swipe for Facebook. It's pretty speedy, and you can customize the appearance of Facebook if you don't like the stock look. You can also change your notifications and swipe across the different sections like your Newsfeed, Friend Requests, and Events. It also doesn't drain the heck out of your battery like the official Facebook app does! The last app that I really like using is Flipboard. I know that one isn't new, but I like how engaging the motion of flipping the news is. It's a nice experience and helps me stay on top of more official news.  


What's your favorite icon pack? Let me know in the comments so I can bite your style. Smiley Wink

Nextbit Product Expert david
Nextbit Product Expert
Nice organization! I like the fact that your homescreen is actually empty, that's cute! For me, since some days ago and recommended by @Steev, my favourite icon pack is "Cornie Icons". It's worth it! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.patrykgoworowski.cornieicons D
Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee

Ahhh that Cornie icons looks pretty cool!

Nextbit Support Team Steev
Nextbit Support Team

They keep adding more icons, too! 

Nextbit Product Expert Darragh
Nextbit Product Expert

So.... Minamilist! Literally nothing on the home screen! Its different and I like it!



Nextbit Product Expert Baymax
Nextbit Product Expert

 i prefer the Elun icon pack Robot Happy

Rebel 3.2


I prefer Moonshine for Nova, as I believe Stock still looks the best, but I do not wish to flash away the pretty Nextbit OS (So I have the best of both worlds!)

Rebel 3.6

Man..i really dig this setup.  Nice @Khang.

Rebel on the Rise Chacko1
Rebel on the Rise

Wow @Khang Nice layout! Lol what if there was a competition between Alastair's and yours for the best homescreen layout as in a poll? Maybe the whole team? Future ideas....

Rebel 3.2

I really like Khang's layout. I hope I have courage and time to install Nova. I would then use original background or maybe (if ever launched) midnight version of it. Hmmm, maybe I can try to do some photoshop...again need time. Symbiosis of hardware and software is one of my more important aspects I like from Nextbit, that's why I'm still on Nextbit launcher Smiley Wink

Rebel 3.0

@Khang agreed re icon packs having to show consistency; the icon masking really helps with that (it breaks the visuals entirely as soon as you see one app that isn't covered by the pack, and that's understandably going to happen).


In that regard therefore: Candy Icons! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zavukodlak.candycons - my current favourite for half a year now...although a quick check on the play store suggests that Candy icons may not actually have masking feature, it covers a ton of apps, supports dynamic calendar icons for supported launchers, and has lots of coloured alt icons for nearly anything.


Also yes - Nova Launcher for the win (and for the gestures)

Rebel 3.0

I'm currently using the Retrorika Icon pack. Cost me a buck, but I love the style of it. Tons of icons, and when there isn't an icon it adds a nice sort of filter to your icons so they match up with the icons that do have custom pictures. 

Rebel 2.8

@Khang Could you share the wallpaper with us? I'd like to try it on my Robin. 

Nextbit Employee Khang
Nextbit Employee
Rebel on the Rise lukas
Rebel on the Rise

Really digging that keyboard. Custom?