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Nextbit Community Guidelines

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Welcome to the Nextbit Community! We’ve built it for you to explore and learn from, but most of all, we want you to have fun. Nextbit team members are going to participate as well, but our intent is to have you collaborate and interact with each other. Just jump in, and join the conversation.


Search for the answer before you ask

A simple search can get results in an instant. If everyone uses the search box at the top of the page, we can avoid the repeat questions and duplicate threads, that in many cases, have been answered. After running a search, if you have a new question, start a new thread rather than interrupting a conversation.


Play nice and be respectful

Respect the time and attention of others by asking well-thought-out questions and sharing what you've learned so far. Respect people as individuals by keeping a positive tone and your comments constructive. We like things to be friendly and intend on keeping that way.


Obey the law and keep your word

Don't post anything that would violate any contractual agreements (copyright, trade secret or otherwise) or nondisclosure agreements to which you are a party.


Protect privacy - yours and others'

Don't share anything about yourself or your organization that you would not want to seen publicly including email address, contact information, credit card numbers, passwords, or any content that you receive in one-to-one communications without the author's consent. We like you, and we want to ensure your safety, security, and privacy.


Avoid self-promotion

This user-to-user community is not intended as a place for members to promote personal products or services. Solicitations are rarely relevant.


Flag spam

Let's all make ourselves responsible for keeping the community spam-free.

Spam includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Any promotional, commercial, or adult content
  • Multiple instances of the same post
  • Posts which are overtly self promotional in their text and/or signature
  • Transmission of malware, viruses, or anything that may disrupt service or harm others
  • Inappropriate usernames and avatars
  • Any other post that violates one of the ground rules above


If you notice instances of spam in the community, please notify us within the community by clicking on the Options icon in the right top corner of each post and selecting Report Inappropriate Content.


Bullying is a no-no

Don't threaten, harass, or bully other users. If someone threatens or bullies you, please notify us immediately by using the Report Inappropriate Content feature in the Options menu of the message.


Cooperate with site moderators and administrators

You may not evade bans or suspensions or otherwise disregard directions from Nextbit Community moderators or administrators.


Have fun and learn

Explore, learn, and have fun getting to know, and helping out, other Rebels.


These Community Guidelines are in addition to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.