Battery randomly dropping to 0%

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Re: Battery randomly dropping to 0%

Okay so it just happened again (while using Snapchat, of course), so it used the app and uploaded it here: I hope I did it correctly.
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Re: Battery randomly dropping to 0%

Yeah I've been having the same issues for the past month or 2. Anywhere from 15%-40% battery, then I get a low battery notification, then it powers off, all within a second. I have to plug the phone in to turn it back on and when I do it always shows the 15%-40% battery it had before powering off. Usually happens when I'm listening to Spotify. 


Today it shut off at 30% when I opened Snapchat but when I plugged it back in it stayed at 0% while charging and would instantly power off if unplugged. It took 4 reboots before it finally showed having any battery power.

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Re: Battery randomly dropping to 0%

This has been happening to me lately as well.

Some additional details about my phone:


I was one of the first to receive it (towards the end of February 2016) and it's the Electric colorway.

It appeared to have only started happening after I installed the Nougat beta.


I mentioned when I received the phone because there may have been tweaks (minor or major) internally since then. Not saying that there have been, but I thought it might be relevant.

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Re: Battery randomly dropping to 0%

Any updates on this?


I've been having this issue as well for about two months. I know for certain the issue isn't the cold--I live in sunny, hot Miami. Anywhere between 15-40% my Robin just... dies. It then will not let me restart it without plugging it in. The moment I plug it in, I can turn it on and have between 30-40% battery.


It happens randomly during whatever app I'm using, or even if I don't have any apps running. Also happens in random locations--home, school, sub-tropical islands while on a cruise, or even at a store trying to use Android Pay.


pls send help

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Re: Battery randomly dropping to 0%

@KayAyDoubleTee have you tried power cycling (turning it off with the power button, leave it for a few minutes) before turning it back in? Sometimes the battery reading is just a little off and it takes a power cycle to "reset" it. Also could you share a screen shot of your battery usage (Settings --> battery). It would help to see what is draining the battery

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Re: Battery randomly dropping to 0%

This problem is still happening to me. It started in 7.0 beta 2 and now still happen in 6.0. So it doesn't depend on software. Like you said there is something wrong with battery callibration.