Goodbye Robin...

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Goodbye Robin...

Hi guys,

After using Robin for about a year, I'm moving on to S8+. It's been quite a journey. I was a Kickstarter, a gold sim tray one. 😊

But after their promise of nougat delivery fell through week after week, their flaky future plans and getting a replacement that has a permanent white spot above the home button, I have to say I'm done.

Moving on to S8+...

Was a worthy effort, but didn't really bear the fruits...


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Re: Goodbye Robin...

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FYI, They did deliver the Nougat update probably not as early as some hoped but delivered none the less. Nougat is still not on the unlocked GS7 as of today.


Also, You're going from a solid mid range phone at an affordable price to mortgaging the house for the barely sub $1,000 GS8.  It' s a nice phone to be sure, but Samsung's touchwiz software is just heinous.


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Re: Goodbye Robin...

Me too, i sold my Robin yesterday, great phone brilliant design. I will be back if we get another cool looking Robin with updated specs.