Rebel 2.8


I came late to the party and really don't want the music to stop - but I know it will. 

I have really fallen for the product and have bought into the phone in a big way it so reminded me of my Palm WebOs adventures. 

I love the colour schemes,  design,  tactile feel, the rebel element,  this community and the feel of independence of a company not afraid to strike out with something different. Mint has always been in my life but now in a better way than ice cream and chocolate chip. 

What I don't like is neon green,  big business and badly designed logo's that look like tattoo's. I'm sure for all involved you have worked extremely hard and this is deemed as a reward for all that hard endeavour. For me and others it will be a rather sad day when the last update comes. The invite to the other forum say it will be just be the same just somewhere else. Maybe it's the same but round at that kids house who you've never liked and has all the brash obvious gadgets. 

I'd like the party to stay at this house but I guess it can't stay a party when all the guests are leaving. 

Rebel 2.6

Re: Lament

We must have similar tastes - I loved my palm pre and I am really enjoying my Robin everything about feels right to me