Stock ROM + Xposed & XPrivacy or Custom ROM based on Nougat?

Rebel 2.6

Stock ROM + Xposed & XPrivacy or Custom ROM based on Nougat?



I wasn't sure, where to register, here or in the new Razer forum. Thought, maybe here and then my account would be transfered to Racer?! Will this good forum here be closed?


I intend to buy a Nextbit Robin and I want to start with this right from beginning with a save (anonymous), slim and stable system (with system and apps as well as possible under my control).

So I'm not sure, what's better:


a) Modifying the stock ROM (then has to be Marshmallow, because Xposed Framework is not yet compatible to Nougat) with Xposed Framework and XPrivacy or
b) Taking a Custom ROM (thought about Dirty Unicorns) based on Nougat. But the question is (beginner!), is there something like a "Privacy Guard" in there (I read about Privacy Guard in LineageOS) and would that be similar to XPrivacy? So that I don't need Xposed Framework & XPrivacy (won't work on a custom ROM based on Nougat)?


I would prefer a custom ROM and then only installing Google Play Store, otherwise with the stock ROM I had to go the reverse way and deinstalling all the not needed/wanted Google apps.
I don't want to use the cloud system, so it doesn't matter wether it is, stock oder custom ROM.