Works fine in cold temps, but iPhone shuts down.

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Works fine in cold temps, but iPhone shuts down.

We have two phones in our house. Me (the adult) has the Robin. She (the teen) has an iPhone 6S plus.


We frequently take the bus or are outside, even when it's way too today when it was 8 F.


My Robin never has a problem with the cold. While I don't walk around with it in my hand, it will frequently come out for a check on the bus, for a text, to play a song, etc. Then it's back in a coat pocket...not usually an inside pocket.


Her iPhone turns itself off when it's below 30-40 F, after it's been in her hand for maybe a minute or two. In temps like today, it will shut down much faster. 


Both our phones are in cases, which add insulation. Her phone body is metal, while mine is plastic (supposedly the metal body is more susceptable to cold. Other models of iPhones (her old 5, for example) aren't as sensitive.


Is there a problem being quietly not discussed (we know the fanboys don't like to let any warts show!), or is the Robin just a miracle phone (yes, of course it is).


I've never had a problem with an android phone or blackberry, though all have been plastic -- most recently a Moto E.


Any observations here? Any suggestions for the iPhone teen?



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Re: Works fine in cold temps, but iPhone shuts down.

The iphone could have a battery problem, it's not the first iphone to have issues.  Apple will never admit there is a problem and there won't be any recalls. You should take it in to the nearest un-genius bar and have them check it.

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Re: Works fine in cold temps, but iPhone shuts down.

I don't know about the iPhone, but I do know that my Moto X shut down in the cold. The company confirmed that that was by design.


Personally, I question the logic of this if it was done becuase of the battery. Using a lithium ion battery in tje cold will not damage it, but you will get lower runtimes. Charging in cold temperatures is another story as it can casue the battery to become unsafe.

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Re: Works fine in cold temps, but iPhone shuts down.

My Robin currently shuts down at around 30% battery if it's close to freezing outside. 

It then takes at least half an hour indoors before I'm able to restart it if I don't start charging it right away. 

This has left me stranded outside an apartment building I had to call to enter, shut down calls with my phone and other forms of super annoying problems.