my phone has shut down in few uses...where I can fix it?

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my phone has shut down in few uses...where I can fix it?

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I used it for 2months and it doesn't work when I listen to music via headphone

so I bought an Iphone and I just kept it for a while

and I turned it on for playing games for android, but it was working few days and then shutdown

and now? it's not possible to turn on at all

I used charger for playing and battery was fine...but screen was stopped and after nothing had worked 

power has gone

I can't turn it on....headphone socket is broken since I bought it and now it's not working at all seriously...but I can't find a place where I can fix it...

I'm living in Asia....where I can find a help?

please tell me.........this phone makes me puke a lot....seriously.....

I can't turn it on at all....

why you guys sell this phone? I really wanna ask you guys....

since I bought this phone, everything was problem to use.....why...please tell me why

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Re: my phone has shut down in few uses...where I can fix it?

@jhfsam sorry to hear you are having issues with your robin


  1. For your sound issue:
    Did you ensure that the earphones are plugged in fully (you should feel a click). It has happened to me a few times because of the casing i am using. Also check if the earphone jack is clean as sometimes lint can affect the connectivity. You can use a clean toothpick to sort of pick out the lint.

  2. For not being able to turn on:
    Plug your phone into the charger and ensure it is charging. Ensure that there is a click feel when you plug in the cable as sometimes it is just not plugged in properly to charge. Then long press the power button till you feel a vibrate. It should turn back on.


Personally i have had my phone since May last year and it has worked perfectly for me (definitely no blood puking involved Smiley Happy) it may be that an app you have downloaded may be interfering with your phone, else you got yourself a lemon. Let's work together to solve the issue

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Rebel 2.8

Re: my phone has shut down in few uses...where I can fix it?

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yeah of course I did everything you said

I have a brain and hands with 5fingers each

but every earphones and headphone are not working with my robin

and this phone was suddenly shut downed when I was charging this phone

I left this phone with charging 24 hours and there is no signal for turning on at all so far

thanks for your answer it's not helpful though

probably I was too stupid when I bought this phone 

I won't do this again 

thanks next bit