Aspiring Software Engineer

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Aspiring Software Engineer

Hello rebels! D here! I'm a 19 year old soon to be college student taking up a major in some form of software engineering. I'm also a beta tester for the Robin. I've never enjoyed a phone as much as this one, it's exceedingly unique. The build is flawless as well. I look up to Nextbit for such a grand phone as this one. I love technology, modern to be precise. 


About me in more detail? Well, im an avid reader with a craving for knowledge. my favorite color is blue. And im an extreme socialite.I just love communicating with people, especially people I can relate to. I also like to think of myself as a kind person that's down to earth. 


Anyways, im done rambling nice to meet you all and i hope you enjoy the Robin as much as i do.

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Hey there, thanks for a thorough intro and welcome to the boards!

Lucario on Razerzone. Community migrating April 14th. Be there!