Factory reset, no new updates?

Rebel 3.2

Factory reset, no new updates?

I jumped off the Robin a few months ago, but kept it around as a backup. My daughter's phone just crapped out, so I'm giving her mine. I ran a factory reset, and set her up on the phone. However, it's still sitting at the 9/1/2016 security patch. I check for new updates, and it says I'm up to date. Are there no new updates since September? Or should I be patient and wait for the Nougat update which is supposed to be hitting any day now?

Rebel 3.0

Re: Factory reset, no new updates?

Hi CrankyBear,


I am not sure if global rollout is complete or not, I have been waiting for Nougat both on beta and now official still nothing.


I am not sure what have i done but I am not recieving any new update on my robins. I did 2 factory reset just today and still it shows me the same thing as yours "No new updates". Maybe we need to perform some ritual or something to finally recieve nougat. Smiley Tongue



Help us out please, I have already used factory reset using official thread here in the forums.