Immediate Solution Needed.

Rebel 2.8

Immediate Solution Needed.


I bought the Nextbit Robin with High Hopes but a Fail. The speakers dont work out of the box and here is all that I did .


Flashed : 1290 Zip..speakers work in Emergency dialer(Asks for OTA updates) No way to skip the update and after update , speakers go off. 


Flashed : 1355 Zip ..Speakers never work after this .


Flashed : 1450zip and everything is great but SPEAKERS NEVER WORK. 


FLASHED : Android 7.0 BETA ..Speakers dont work and VOLTE doesnt work. 


This is **bleep** because , I tried almost everything but the speakers only seem to work after flashing 1290zip.But due to this disgusting system of unable to go to homescreen without OTA has left me nerved and frustrating. The Customer Care is also very poor and seems like As an International Customer , I had been robbed buying this piece of **bleep**.