Screwed Again

Rebel 3.2

Screwed Again

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Only 6 Months of a warrantee after purchasing a Robin in December???? and I am waiting for a 2nd replacement making it the 3rd Robin in less than 2 months which supposedly will be Feb or March before it gets shipped out.... so I will only have a 4 month warrantee... Screwed again from a startup company.... I am so tired of false promises and lies. They took our money and ran...... 


I am not a Hacker or Rooter so I expect a functioning phone with current updates for the amount of money spent...... 299.99 plus taxes


1. No Nougat as promised - prior to purchasing was told it would be Q4 2016 by support

2. Waiting on 3rd Robin in less than 2 months - Battery, Camera and Speaker issues. Battery issue on all. Camera fuzy and super slow, Speaker volume differ day to day...

3. Was promised beta program with full OTA Its been 31days and I was told the other day just to re-apply..... thats a Joke.


Please don't respond with lame responses supporting Nextbit. I understand business deals but you just dont tell someone after buying the phone a month ago "we are sorry but your 1yr warrantee has been cut to only 6 months or less depending on when you purchased it"


We all should have an issue with Nextbit....