Wednesday's March 1st 2017 Rant...

Rebel 3.0

Wednesday's March 1st 2017 Rant...

Rant of 1.39 PM - March 1st 2017 -- Waiting lunch to be delivered...


... I mean, if I am going to ditch the Robin for a new phone... and Razer is not going to release something interesting like a Robin 2... well, I am going to buy a BlackBerry Passport. Yes, BB 10.


I had/have plans to change my device for something new and I tried several other android devices... all with Nougat.. none of them feels good like the Robin - except, of course, new hardware make the difference in term of speed - so yeah. No more Android for me. Take it as a "threat" or a final "warning"... my dear Nextbit/Razer... do something nice or bye.


P.s.1: Oh... by the way, notice that I am not even mentioning iOS... eww! Smiley Tongue

P.s.2: Google, you are doing something really wrong with Android... this is a warning also for you.



Rebel 3.2

Re: Wednesday's March 1st 2017 Rant...

Bye! Hopefully you stuck around and still have your Robin.. Check for updates ;-)