Archived apps problem (duplicated and non-functional)

Rebel 3.2

Archived apps problem (duplicated and non-functional)

My robin age is three days only. I experienced this problem since yesterday. These apps got duplicates and when I try to open them, they are not functional, and you can read the below message "App isn't installed". I also went to the archieved apps list, but tappping on these apps did nothing. 

Restarted my phone --- No change.

Uninstalled and reinstalled them --- No change.


I clearly understand that there are similar cases to mine. I read them all, but I didn't find any solution. So please, don't refer me to another thread. 


Thank you in advance!



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Re: Archived apps problem (duplicated and non-functional)

Hey there, sorry you had that problem. May I ask how this happened?


  • Did you sign out of smart storage and sign in again?
  • Did you flash back to stock, and go through the set up and have Google install all the apps you used previously AND sign in to smart storage?

Those are two instances where you might get duplicate apps.