Gallery missing pictures after restore

Rebel 2.8

Gallery missing pictures after restore

Just noticed that after I restored from a backup on my replacement Robin that none of my Gallery folders or pictures were restored. This wasn't just the main gallery folder but any sub-folders that were created by 3rd party apps didn't restore either. Known issue? 

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Re: Gallery missing pictures after restore



Just wondering if you manually backed those photos up? If i am not wrong, anything that is not inside the camera folder doesn't automatically get backed up on the cloud as the cloud doesn't detect it.


If not, try this (not sure if it helps, but is worth a try Smiley Happy):

Steev wrote:

Ashermack wrote:

how do I even access the smart storage?

hi Ashermack, go to Settings > Smart Storage > Click the tri-colon settings in the top right > Options > Tap on the Version until it opens up the additional options. 


Once you've done that, you'll notice a few additional settings that'll allow you to customize your Smart Storage settings specifically to your needs.


When it comes to those lost photos you mentioned, I believe you spoke with Kevin from my team? Whenever you get your Smart Storage set up you can go into your Gallery settings and double check to see if your photos are being backed up. You can also try downloading a third party gallery (I use Quick Pic) which won't auto-hide/auto-organize your albums. They might show up in there.




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