Restoring backup question

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Restoring backup question

How do I restore auto backup? I tried reset phone. All apps were reinstall but not photos and appdata were restore.
Any manual button for force restore?

Or I just need plugin and wait
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Re: Restoring backup question

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What do you mean when you say "auto backup"? What content are you exactly talking about?


Give me an example

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Re: Restoring backup question

I have a question similar to what was posted before. When in the process of restoring a backup of apps, is it best to bypass the Google backup and manually restore the apps that were downloaded with the information?


I notice the Google restore backup feature restores the downloaded apps, but not data within the app that was downloaded. 

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Re: Restoring backup question

@JoeyBetamax the nextbit backup and the google back up will backup apps, but they will not back up data within the app (eg, they will back up the game, but will not back up the levels within the game and such). This is due to privacy issues as game data etc are considered pirate data Smiley Happy


Hope this helps!

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Re: Restoring backup question

Interesting, as when i came from a samsung phone, seems lots of the app data/game saving could be automatically transferred to robin. 

I think some apps that uses latest google app date backup function can restore data to a new phone. 

but message and other IM apps are out of luck unless we manually back them up.