Teach you how to ROOT your Nextbit Robin

Rebel 2.6

Teach you how to ROOT your Nextbit Robin

Nextbit Robin This is a personal feeling that I personally feel a pretty good design

My favorite is the side of the power key built-in fingerprint identification function
(Than HTC with Apple's Samsung are practical)

Nonsense is not to say first to send unlock and ROOT teaching text

ROOT to the phone before the phone is still the first to unlock
(Similar to the official unlock of HTC, but after unlocking the official will still have a warranty)

Please download the following files first
Robin mobile phone driver

Nextbit FASTBOOT toolkit


At this time we first mobile phone unlock action
(Mobile phone unlock information will be cleared, please back up important information)

First turn off the phone

Turn off the power according to the power plus volume
It will enter into fastboot mode

Then the phone connected to the computer
Make sure the computer driver has read the phone

Just to download
Nextbit FASTBOOT toolkit
After decompression, you will see the following files

Double-click the file compiled using Ray Zen unlock
The phone will appear the following unlock screen

You can use the volume up and down to do the choice of mobile power
Use the volume key to turn YES and press the power button to unlock

After unlocking, the phone will reset all data and restart it

Then start ROOT
The same as the first into the FASTBOOT mode

And then click on the nextbit FASTBOOT toolkit
It will start brushing twrp-3.0.2-1-nextbit.img

Brush the phone after the completion of the volume up and down to do the move
Move to recovery and press the power button to confirm

You will see this screen before entering recovery mode

If you select the volume up or down will be out of the menu can choose
If you press the power button directly will enter directly
You just selected recovery mode
(This should be considered more than once!)

This version of TWRPRecovery is different
Ray Zen in this edition twrprecovery joined
Chinese language file
When you start into TWRPRecovery
Please select the language language "Select Language"

Above the Chinese language can choose
If you are a Taiwanese user
You can choose Traditional Chinese Chinese (Traditional)

And then enter the password at the election "Cancel"

The next screen with "sliding to accept the amendment" slide on it

This will enter the main interface of twrprecovery

After entering or to check whether the driver is properly loaded

Select advanced function options
Then select ADB Sideload

Slide to start Sideload "

The red word is RECOVERY can not load the data partition
It does not matter that he does not matter

Go back to the toolbox and double click on the mouse
It will begin to brush into UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.76.zip

This ROOT is done

After the boot will see SUPERSU

If there is a need to install Busybox
You can also select ADB Sideload again
Use within the kit


To brush into Busybox Oh!

ROOT began to enjoy the function after it


Rebel 2.6

Re: Teach you how to ROOT your Nextbit Robin

Tried as per your instruction. in the end, SuperSU# not installed. And installed SuperSu from playstore but shows not rooted.

Anything missed.?