A better HDR (aka HDR+ on Google Camera)

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A better HDR (aka HDR+ on Google Camera)

I switch from Nexus 5 to Robin a few months back and I love it. However I do miss the HDR+ on Nexus 5. To be honest the HDR does not look natural on Robin, and a Nexus 5 with HDR+ on can capture pictures as good as Robin does, and sometimes even better in low light. The team at Google release a paper(click me) on how they managed to achieve that, and I hope Nextbit can see if it is possible to bring another drastic improvement of image quality to the Robin!

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Re: A better HDR (aka HDR+ on Google Camera)

Yes! This is definitely a much requested feature from me.


Working on the camera software and image processing, especially producing a feature like this. A effective HDR mode (no matter what they name it), that improves all normal shots that we take with our Robin. I love how Google used it on the Nexus 6p, then improved on it with the Google Pixel phone. I hope Nextbit is hearing us out on this. This is like #1 for me.


A buff to the UI of the camera app would be dope too. I love how Camera MX UI looks and the many features they have backed into it.


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