Better Camera App & Image Processing (Enhanced modes)

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Better Camera App & Image Processing (Enhanced modes)

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I know this topic is getting tired. I've mentioned this before. But there's a difference in reading something and seeing something somewhere else, than seeing it in action before your eyes. I've only just witnessed the power of image processing, and the difference between software from camera apps.


I recently have been itching to find a camera app that had a good HDR, similar to the quality that Google's HDR+ mode does for the Google Pixel, and I haven't really found anyway. This image processing as anyone who has followed this technology, increases the quality of all photos taken on the Google Pixel.


Anyway, in my search I came across Camera360 randomly. So I downloaded and played through with the effects on their camera app. I played w/ the HDR mode and they have this enhance filter mode.

It Heavily increased the quality of my pics.

As you can see here are the pictures from the Robin Cam, on the regular auto mode. The pictures are smudgy, not focused, washed out and colorless, and lacking detail:




Here are some pics taken with HDR mode on the Robin:



As you can see, the pics don't really get better. It brings some vibrance of colors, but the quality still isn't the best and it leaves the photos still smudgy (it's like this foggy effects, like some smudged water pastel).

Now here are pictures taken with my Robin as well with Camera360:





The pictures came out without that smudge effect, MUCH better focus, better detail, color accuracy, and vibrance. I used the Enhance mode (filters), mostly the improve one. Once again I was trying to find a mode similar to the effect of Google Pixel's HDR+ mode. I really love the quality I'm getting.

Nextbit has definitely made strides. Mostly for the gallery than the camera app. We definitely have faster shutter speeds to take pictures, but no new modes or any other options have been added. So I'd love Nextbit to develop more options under the camera app, and even update the UI. It's quite boring to me.


Difference in Camera Apps (UI, modes and various other options):




Add a HDR+ mode or modes similar to Cam360 to improve camera quality with better image processing and what not. Maybe add shutter speed, and other options. Nextbit is a design 1st company, but is also a software 1st company. So I definitely see this as a plausible option that Nextbit can create. I know you all can do it.

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