I have an idea about server space!

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I have an idea about server space!

So i did some research and saw that you guys (nextbit employees) are uncertain what will happen after 2018 with the storage and all. I understand that you have to pay for the server space so i came up with an idea (i don't know if its a good one but its never wrong to think about things)

So i saw an interview with the nextbit employees and they talked about maybe buying extra cloud storage. Maybe you can use that as a funding for your servers so they will stay up longer.

The funds you raise could maybe expand the lifespan of the storage.

Maybe you could launch another kickstarter to keep the servers funded. I think people would actually fund it because we of course want to keep our storage (i know i would)

Again im just stating ideas and i have no idea if it is even possible. I hope you guys will think about it and maybe a response if you are?



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Re: I have an idea about server space!

A better idea would be to just let Robin hook into other cloud services and users can simply buy google drive/OneDrive/DropBox/etc space and use that. That way nextbit isn't maintaining a cloud service for such a limited user set.