Network type symbols

Rebel 2.4

Network type symbols

This might seem like a really minor cosmetic change, but my previous phones (Samsung Galaxy S3, followed by a Nexus 5X) have been able to show an accurate data connection type. This is slightly easier to explain in an image, and so without further ado: 



On previous phones these exact same conditions would have shown a 'H' next to the signal bars, as opposed to 3G. This might be a quirk of using this phone in the UK, but the fact that the SIM status is showing the correct information would suggest that the phone can distinguish between the network types. 


As far as I am aware (and after quickly double-checking my thinking), the network types and symbols (at least, for the UK) should look something like this: 




Again, I am well aware that this is a cosmetic change and therefore probably not the most pressing thing in terms of development, but it is one that would be particularly useful for those of us trying to work out why our internet is so slow all of a sudden. It'd be a nice quality-of-life addition, if nothing more.