Why you should come to Nigeria.

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Why you should come to Nigeria.

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Hey NextBit Team,


I wish you launch a market in Nigeria.


Nigerian market in terms of ICT is one of the biggest contributor in terms of GDP and there is a growing number of mobile phone users especially Android based phones. 


NextBit with its price and specs will simply sell out. You can trust me on that.


I am one of the few persons if not the only one using Robin right now and friends are eager to buy but foreign exchange limitations from Nigerian Banks is what is stopping most people. I have access to foreign exchange but just a few who can pay the high price of exchange. 


I believe Robin launching in Nigeria will save a lot of people this high foreign exchange rate to acquire Nextbit Robin phone from online international stores.


Please look into this Nextbit Team and I am equally on ground to assist you when you finally give this a thought. 


You can simply do your research about Nigeria on the ICT market share and do a proper business SWOT analysis with information gotten. 


Mark Zuckerberg was in Nigeria few months back because of the potential Nigeria has on ICT.