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Wishlist Archive

Hey Rebels!


Every few months or so, we'll be consolidating all the wishes from our wishlists so we can keep the forum clean and tidy. But don't worry, our development team and engineers have looked at many of them and are evaluating their feasibility. We'll be updating this list of wishes so you all have visibility on what others have requested. Here are some of the most popular:


Feb 2016 -Jun 2016

  • Dark Theme
  • Smart Storage Activity Options (Manual Archiving)
  • Editing while in the Gallery
  • Double Tap to Wake/Sleep
  • Additional Camera features (Panoramic mode, Maintain Settings.)
  • Configurable LEDs
  • WiFi calling
  • Close all in Recents
  • Guest Accounts
Rebel 3.2

Re: Wishlist Archive

@Nextbit_Admin, thanks for clarification.

Could you assign a status like planned, in progress, considered, implemented, future, etc for each of these key wishes. This way all Rebels get better insight to thier wishes and know what's coming up...
Rebel 3.2

Re: Wishlist Archive

I thought the Additional Power options was highly requested?
(Reboot and Silent/Airplane should be shown, other than just Power Off)
Rebel 2.8

Re: Wishlist Archive

I find scrolling through the screens a bit tedious.


An app search like in nexus or iphone would help. 



Rebel 3.0

Re: Wishlist Archive

I  know this isn't that big a deal for most cellphone users but I find that having to hold

down the power button for several seconds to turn on the cellphone a major pain. I 

will be someplace, find that I don't have my phone on and then have to stand/sit

there pressing down on the start button waiting for the splash screen to start up.


I would love to hove instead a traditional on/off slider switch that goes from off to on.

I push up the slider from off to on and the phone turns on. What would be even better

is that it is instant on. No boot up. The boot up is done in the background. You slide

up the switch, the phone turns on and then you start to do stuff like read your mail,

surf the web, etc. 


I think it would cool if once you have the switch in the on position you push down on the

switch and you can restart your phone instead having to turn it off and then back on




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Rebel 3.0

Re: Wishlist Archive

I believe that the configurable home screen buttons were preety demanded also. Why are they not in the list? Is it not feasable? If that is not feasable how come the double tap to wake feature is? In my opinion that feature will end up causing more problems because of the lack of dedicated hardware... 

Rebel 2.8

Re: Wishlist Archive

Just got my Robin & I'm completely in love with it.  I have few request though to make it more user friendly.


There is huge scope to further develop camera app :

1) Easy Switching between Photo & Video Modes

2) Assign Volume Down key to click photo while camera is on

3) Custom Shutter speed option in Manual Camera Mode. This will let us to capture long exposed shots.

4) Timelapse & Slow Motion VIdeo Mode for Camera


Other requests :

1) Nextbit Music Player

2) Restart/Switch-off option

3) Show battery % on lock screen

4) Individual/Custom File Backup Option in Smart Storage

5) Support more format such as .mp3 .pdf etc for Smart Storage





Rebel 3.2

Re: Wishlist Archive

@quadcodes, these are great requests to UP the Nextbit camera app and i agree with most of them specifically 'Assign Volume Down key to click photo while camera is on' is going to be really helpful. @Khang, any way to get the requested functionality in the next updates...?

Rebel 3.6

Re: Wishlist Archive

[ Edited ]

Hey there folks, thanks for posting your wishes. Please start a new topic in the greater wish list so others in the community can vote (aka kudo) it. Thanks!